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To launch a successful venture in today's shape-shifting market, forget the box.

You need a boat.

We'll help you build one.
branding entertainment media content consulting

Whether you're a novelist seeking to break into publishing or film, an expert in your field ready for the global stage, or a published author in need of a better strategy, Story Merchant Ken Atchity can provide dynamic personally-tailored coaching and connections to take your career to the next level.

The ancient Phoenicians were legendary merchants, often credited with the first evidence of advertising and branding east of the Indus - not to mention the invention of the alphabet! On their iconic ships, they delivered stories and culture from every port they visited, along with in-demand goods to distant consumer markets.

Ken Atchity inherited that marketing spirit from his fatherís Lebanese ancestors, and his philosophy today is represented by its convergence with the Cajun tradition of creative ingenuity from his motherís side.

The Story Merchant is a content facilitator, a clearinghouse for content acquisition, intellectual property sourcing and branding - offering management consulting strategies and accelerated tactics to maximize revenue potential, launch your entertainment, broadcast, publishing, and new media ventures, and deliver your brand experience - your stories and information - to a global audience of key and emerging markets.

branding entertainment media content consulting

With a sound track record in the creative industries, from motion picture and television production to literary management to all aspects of branding, from launch to positioning, Ken brings to the table the experience and expertise you need to craft an innovative approach to simplify operations and maximize performance of your project and career: from funding and analytics to media management, as well as out-of-the-box representation and the development of effective advertising and marketing strategies, including licensing and franchising.

For the storyteller, todayís biggest question is "What do I do about the fact that EVERYTHING IS CHANGING?"

Ken will lead you through the maze, and help you become a proactive authorpreneur or an effective production company of your own.

branding entertainment media content consulting branding entertainment media content consulting